A Look at the MegaWins Slot Machine

Rival has the potential to revive the once-thriving market for traditional slot machines. Especially since they provide games like MegaWins. This one takes the classic slot machine and adds some new features to increase the fun factor. Of course, it’s well knowledge that traditional slots have a more simplistic design and gameplay. This is true of the MegaWins product, but that doesn’t make it any less outstanding. As far as design goes, you won’t discover anything particularly original or unusual. This pertains to the mechanics and design of the game. On the whole, though, Rival Gaming has a solid reputation for producing entertaining games. This means that when you fill it up, you can expect to have a good time.

Classic Style for the Twenty-First Century

There are three rows and three reels in the game’s layout. These can be seen in the major section of the design. The payout schedule is displayed on the left side of the game window. Behind it is the purple backdrop, and on top of that is the game’s golden emblem. Both the reels and the payout table will reveal the many symbols available. They’re denoted with the cherry symbol. There are various variants of the BAR symbol. This is also available in double and triple formats. A variety of ‘7’ symbols can also be found throughout the game. The logo for the game itself is yet another symbol.

There are five possible pay lines in addition to the reels, rows, and symbols. The ‘Select Lines’ button allows you to rearrange these. In addition, you can vary your bet size by changing the value of a single coin. You can achieve this by using the plus and minus buttons on the screen. The lowest value is £0.01 and the highest is £5.00. The ‘Select Coins’ button allows you to further personalize your wager. This method provides a choice between the numbers one and three. As a result, the highest possible bet per spin for any player is £75.

Attempt to Summon Up Some Huge Wins!

Traditional slot machines often don’t come with a lot of bells and whistles. Indeed, MegaWins fits this description perfectly. Although it lacks in many other ways, it does have one interesting feature. The game’s eagle emblem can be worth a lot of money on its own. You can win the maximum payout of 5,000 coins if you get three of these on a winning pay line.

Another perk of this game is that not all winning combinations require identical symbols. Sevens and BARs come in all shapes and sizes. Thus, a win can be formed, for instance, by arranging a single bar with a three bar and a double bar. Alternatively, a green 7, a purple, and a yellow can all work together to form a winning combination. In fact, you win money if you get any two BARs or any two 7s. Naturally, these are the lowest paying permutations.

Closing Statement

Players who like cutting-edge video slots shouldn’t play MegaWins. After all, it doesn’t have the most impressive visuals or exciting gameplay. However, it does provide a well regarded example of the genre in question. It’s the best option among the traditional slot machines. So, if you like to spin the reels of games like these, you should definitely check this one out.

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